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Our Roots

…Whilst on our travels in Africa we’d noticed a man sitting by a mountain
of the village’s deadwood. We returned days later to find that he had
turned this wood into rows of carvings, drums and
picture frames using only his hands and some simple tools.

Inspired by how Tian was able to take a material in it’s rawest form
and cultivate art where others saw waste, we decided that our next project had to adopt the same creative and ethical principles.

By only using tree farms or deadwood we can ensure that our art
comes to you both naturally and guilt free.

Giving New Life to Deadwood

Recycling Wood Watches Eco Friendly

Art creates time,
it turns minutes into moments,
it has movement and can be used to create history
reflection and get the observer involved in the time of the artist.
For us, understanding the history of artists or the
chain of events contributing to a creative piece
from its embryonic stages allows for
further appreciation.

It’s the ‘Small Pieces’ that 
create the ‘Big Picture'.