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Carbonised Bamboo


The term 'Carbonised' refers to a process in which the bamboo is either boiled or steamed. This heat-intensive method works deeply on the very "sugars" of the bamboo almost carmelizing it which over time gives it a beautiful deeper and richer hue. Known for its strength and durability bamboo is deceptively light in weight but can be stronger than maple or oak. It is particularly eco-friendly as it is cultivated quickly and is found in the tropical warm climates of South Asia. Specifications:

> Outer Case Diameter: Large 45mm / Medium 38mm

> Wrist Fitting (Approx): Large 180mm - 230mm / Medium 160mm - 210mm

> Lens: Polycarbonate

> Strap: Saddle Leather

Collections: Watches & Eyewear

Type: Wooden Watch

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