Self Portrait

MOSAIQE is rooted in the ‘heritage’ and ‘organic journey’ of A.R.T.

We have always had a deep-seated appreciation for how an Artist can take something in its rawest form and give it new life (Reincarnation ), recognising that the process to any masterpiece requires Time.

Art creates time,
it turns minutes into moments,
it has movement and can be used to create history, reflection and get the observer involved in the time of the artist. For us, understanding the history of artists or the chain of events contributing to a creative piece from its embryonic stages allows for further appreciation.

It’s the ‘Small Pieces’ that
create the ‘Big Picture’

Dendro Chrónos


Our affinity with A.R.T and identity has been the catalyst the “DENDRO” movement- giving new life to deadwood. Each of our pieces are handcrafted from 100% natural wood, with each individual timepiece telling it’s own unique story through graining, pigment and texture.

Donned with intricate design elements, that adopt a new classic, cultured and contemporary persona, these distinctive bohemian pieces breathe new life into the bigger picture of the inclusive stylistic identity – complementing a range of vintage, smart and casual outfits.

Here we believe that the beauty of producing a masterpiece lies within the creative process and not just the end result. Therefore, whether referring to fashion and accessories or paintings and sculptures - A.R.T is in our DNA.