Sophia Thakur - Silver Linings 3P

The moment has finally come for Spoken Words sweetheart to unveil her debut 3p SilverLinings project, following a crazy year of working with Channel 4, Ted Talks and BBC 1Xtra. Under the mantra that art should always be honest, Sophia challenges her own creative boundaries to give you the most honest insight into her life.

The whole project is an intricate blend of 15 second visuals (via Instagram/twitter/facebook), concept photoshoots, and finally a thought provoking body of stories given to us in the form of Spoken Word Poetry. This personal personal project includes production from her home producer DA (3p1& intro), and the infamous Mendou production team to combine soul, some jazz and a snippet of some Afrobeats.

The hauntingly authentic intro is brought to us by Zulu, following conversations he and Sophia had in a tent during Glastonbury, about controlling the outcome. Whilst the striking cover art by Tia Marie illustrates the moulding of your world

"In a world where there is always good and bad
we must find silver linings in situations"

- Sophia Thakur

Poet x storyteller